Our activities

ASCVA was formally established in 2004 but we started our environmental activities in 2002.

Our activities is composed of a summer work camp for 3 days once a year and 1 day work for each areafs maintenance twice a year;

2/11/2002 - 4/11/2002
    The 1st work camp in Mebuchi area
    Cleaning Asuka river, cutting trees for maintenance forest and planting trees
1/11/2003 - 3/11/2003
    The 2nd work camp in Kayanomori area
    Cleaning around Goro-taki water fall and construction of a foot paths
17/7/2004 - 19/7/2004
    The 3rd work camp in Inabuchi area
    Cleaning Asuka river and maintenance of the original view of "Tanada(shelf-like rice field)"
    The 1st 1 day work in Inabuchi area
    Planting trees
16/7/2005 - 18/7/2005
    The 4th work camp in Sakata area
    Cleaning and maintenance of Asuka river and around Kutsuna-stone which has a myth