The ASKA district

From the end of the 6th century to the beginning of the 8th century, the foundation of Japan was set in the area of Asuka.

During this period, Japan moved away from the continental style that is China or Korea of governance and culture by developing its own unique identity.

This is the ASUKA era.

Currently, it is of immense archaeological interest with burial mounds, Buddhist temples and shrines clustered around the area making the whole town is a live museum.

In 1970 the government realized its historic value and introduced a law to protect Asuka from disordered development. However, ironically such strict restraint measures have caused a recession of Asuka village and a displacement of the rural population. The current aging society has meant that the arable land is not being cultivated. ASUKA, which used to be called the Japanese spiritual home land, is now at a high risk of a ruin.